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UTOPIA is a unique competitive online game that combines the micro of Starcraft with the heroes of League of Legends. Two players control powerful robot champions, each with a unique designs and play-styles, battle head-to-head to control power. 

This is a very early alpha of the game, with 5 heroes and the core mechanics in place.

Install instructions

  1. Make sure Steam is running
  2. Open the game
  3. Profit!
  4. Join the utopia-testers discord channel here

Getting into a game

The best place to start is the tutorial. This explains the basic concepts and controls of the game.

Once you’ve done the tutorial there are 2 ways to get into a game:

  1. Challenge your steam friends (They need to be running the game and be on the main menu for the invite to show up)
  2. Join the quickplay queue (Matchmaking)


Utopia Alpha (Windows) 584 MB
Version 9 66 days ago

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