Dev update: Improved controls, minimap and more!

Hello Utopians! Kim here to talk about recent updates we have made to Utopia. We have been testing for the last two weeks and received a load of feedback. This has now all been condensed and prioritized. This is the first update to address some top line comments.

What you said

"Why can't I shoot with multiple units selected!?"
"What combos can my characters do?"
"Hard to see where the fog of war ends"
"The mini map isn't very clear"

Changes made

Multiple unit select!

You can now shoot with multiple units selected! In addition you can select multiple units using the keyboard, e.g. Press 1 and 2 will select those two units.

Combo details

Utopia is all about combos. You can now see which combos you have available on the character select screen.

Fog of war

We have made the fog of war darker which hopefully will make it much clearer which areas of the map are hidden to you

New Mini Map

We have created a vector image for the mini map and updated all the character icons, making them much bigger and more distinct. We are going to be adding more functionality to the mini map as we progress including flashing icons for incoming damage.


We are adding in more ambient sound to the level with the help of our colleagues over at Sonologic music.

Thanks for all the great feedback more updates coming very soon!


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